Oxiwear is an Arlington-based company developing a wearable oxygen monitoring device

Investment in November 2021

Tagfi is a SaaS platform based in New York, empowering membership organizations

Investment in October 2021

Kushae’s mission is to provide women natural alternatives to chemical-laden products on the market

Investment in October 2021

EarthSense creates ultracompact, autonomous, teachable robots for crop breeders, agronomists, and growers.

Investment in October 2021

$200k at $10M pre and TiE Angels co-invested along with Meet The Drapers

$116k for an SPV

Merged with 6Sense in 2021

Starting to be recognized as an emerging leader in the user experience space.

TiE Angels and TiE Launchpad both invested from before their A rounds, they raised $50M on Series C. PayStand has attained unicorn status based on their fund raise

Was acquired by IBM in 2020

Was acquired by Nortek Control in 2018

Hemex Health is creating affordable, life-changing medical diagnostics for under-served people everywhere

Initial Investment in December 2017

Secured $12M to provide user behavior insights on API usage

Private buyout in 2018